Fieldwork recordings over the countries

Last updated on 01-Mar, 2017

In this page, I am showing you video files which I took at my fieldwork travels, mainly of traditional art and music at each place.

Kurdish people, Warabi, Saitama, Japan 2017

It is a still minor topic that there is Kurdish people community in Japan, north of Tokyo. This is from their new year concert 2017 with Kurdish musicians who were invited from Germany.

Niino, Anan, Nagano PRF, Japan 2017

At this small village called “Niino(新野)”, local traditional music and arts are known for that they still keep original ways of Japanese middle ages, before commercialization of later periods as Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei.

Bapak Serang Dakko, Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia 2016

This percussion ensemble is called “Makassar Gendang” and Mr Serang Dakko is one of pioneer of traditional music in Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Asfian Nur Gusprada and his group, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2016

Asfian Nur Gusprada is a young musician who was born in musical family in Samarinda, Indonesia. He showed me various instruments they play.

Percussion and pray from Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2016

In Indonesia, especially East Kalimantan(Borneo), we see Islam people praying with percussions called Rebana.

at Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2016

at Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2016

at Muara Jawa, Handil, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

at Tenggarong, Kutai, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2016

at Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2016

Mr Toto, a multi player from East Kalimantan, Indonesia 2016

Mr Toto, a musician and dancer showed me many instruments he plays. In Indonesia, like this guy and above Asfian, it is very normal to see high-skilled multi instrument player.

Balinese percussion with his foot controling pitch

Balinese flute

Indonesian approach to Darbuka, percussion originally from Middle East

Flute from West Sumatera, Minangkabau ethnicity

Traditional arts from Kelantan, Malaysia 2016

Kelantan locates at north west of Malaysia mainland, near to border with Thailand, which is known for many unique dance, music and arts.

Silat, Kelantanese martial arts

Unique percussions from Kelantan

Kertok, coconut husk percussion

Rebana Ubi, giand drum from Kelantan

Dikir Barat, group singing

Dance and theatre performances

Wayang Kulit, a shadow play from Kelantan
Performed by Kamrul Hussin and Geng Wak Long

Mak Yong, traditonal dance from Kelantan
Performed by Kamrul Hussin and Geng Wak Long

Kota Kinabhalu, Sabah, Malaysia 2016

Sabah, north of Borneo has different traditonal music and dance from Malaysia mainland by minor ethnicities.

Found gong seller in Sunday market, Kota Kinabhalu.

This area has strong boat culture based on sea highway, this is a port from Kota Kinabhalu.

Sompoton, a mouth organ from Sabah

Sompoton is a Sabah’s original mouth organ made by bamboo and rotan, which is similar to Japanese gagaku sho.

Bali, Indonesia 2016

Kid’s gamelan school, Denpasar, Bali

Pray at Hindu temple, Denpasar, Bali

Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia 2016

Banyuwangi, east of Java has really unique music culture whose mixed many influences from Bali, Central Java, Madura. Here you see bamboo percussion ensemble from Banyuwangi.

Ronald Tongkong and ensemble from Solok village, West Sumatera, Indonesia 2016

Sumatera is known for strong music culture, especillay singing. Ronald Tongkong and his ensemble showed me their music culture at their village.

Gamelan factory at Ponorogo, Java, Indonesia 2016

Really really cute views at Gamelan factory at Ponorogo where is known for their unique lion dance

Various places from Indonesia 2015-2016

at Five mountains festial , Magelang, Java 2015

at Five mountains festial , Magelang, Java 2015

Young percussionist shows dangdut rhythm at Besuki, East Java

Kids music ensemble at Cirebon, Java

Iraf, a percussionist now resides in Bogor, Java

Soul, R&B music band from Malang, East Java

Bantengan, traditional dance of water buffalo, East Java

Religious chants from Semarang, Central Java

at Yogyakarta, South Kraton.

Self made instruments from Indonesia

Putut Prabu, a musician and instrument maker from Yogyakarta showed me various instruments he made. For his instrument store, info at Tabubu Ethnic Music Shop

Traditional music and arts from Taiwan 2015

Music ensemble for puppet theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

Practice footage of puppet theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

Nangang(南菅) music ensemble originally from South China, this filmed in Taiwan 2015

Chinese sheng(笙) player from Taipei Taiwan 2015.

Twelve tone(十二音) music ensemble

Indigenous music and dances, Taiwan 2015

Tawain aboriginal people’s dance, very similar to Borneo

View of Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village(九足文化村), Indigenous culture’s village.

In Taiwan mountain area, I feel it is compeltely different world from flantland area.

Traditional arts and music from Japan

Yep, I also visited many cultural places in Japan. Here I show you some.

Buddhism chant, shomyo, early morning in Kyoto 2014 / 京都の西本願寺での朝5時の声明2014

Kyoto’s anually traditional fest 2015 / 京都の祇園祭、2015

Shrine ceremony in Shimane PRF, near to Korea, west of Japan

“Sado Okesa”, minyo folk song accompanied by Shakuhachi, 2014