Junichi USUI


Junichi USUI is a musician originally from Japan. More than 15 years in Japan, Junichi has kept independent activities for music, art, films, theatre, poetry, event organizing. Junichi also has joined gigs and collaborations with local musicians and artists in foreign countries as Korea(2014, 2015), New York City(2015), Italy(2015), Indonesia(2015, 2016), Taiwan(2015), Malaysia(2016).

With violin, voice, sho(Japanese mouth organ), electric guitar and other gears, Junichi's music skill’s flexibility covering from traditional music through popular music till experimental has been acclaimed by audience and collaborators over the places where he performed.

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06 Aug, at Next Sunday, Tokyo, Japan
with Dani Dobkin, Rion Kidokoro, Tsubasa Kaneda, Devon Tipp, Lemon Guo, Geronimo Mercado, Chatori Shimizu, Ethan Edwards, Colleen Schmuckal

22 June, with Cynthia Dawn, Jiyugaoka, Tokyo see detail
20 Mar, Gagaku performance at Newroz, Kurdhish people’s new year party, Kawaguchi, Japan

13 Mar, Nishinari Nanbaya, Osaka, Japan

11 Mar, Mototanaka Bar Hawkwind, Kyoto, Japan

26 Feb, Cafe Flying Teapot, Ekoda, Tokyo, Japan
with Michio Karimata, Tohru Shoubudani, Kaori Komura, AIIDA

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章4 : 真っ暗闇の人生 : Spettro Records' 3rd Compilation

Joined compilation album to celebrate 6 years anniversary of Spettro Records from Bologna, Italy(Dec 2016) click for link

Compilation album featuring indie musicians ACROSS Japan dropped from Spettro Rec(Bologna, Italy)!(Aug 2015) click for link