Middle East Hiphop selections

Today, I am so proud to be able to share my favorite tracks from Middle East hiphop scene which I have listened to again and again these years.
It was more than five years ago I noticed Middle East hiphop music on the internet and soon I became crazy to hear them for their unique sampling technique, rhymes from their own languages and improved sense of rhythm.
By this article, I hope people can explore more about these music treasures and will start to have more open mind to different cultures.

Posted date:
28 May, 2017

Saaleek from Palestine

She’rab from Palestine

Rami GB from Palestine

Muqata’a from Palestine

Gig in Ramallah, Palestine

Assasi from Syria


Chyno from Lebanon

Fareeq el Atrash from Lebanon

Kayaan from Palestine

BAHMAN RAGE from Kurdistan

Hichkas from Iran

Quf from Iran

143Band from Afghanistan


Amjad AK from Jordan

Bu Kolthoum from Syria

Yas from Iran

Fadaei from Iran

Milad Katwo from Iran

El Far3i from Jordan

الراس El Rass from Lebanon

Torabyeh from Jordan

Osloob from Palestine

Persian Cats from Iran

Unknown musician from Kurdistan

Persian Underground from Iran

Portal site for Middle East music scene

Radio Beirut: http://www.radiobeirut.net/
Mideast Tunes: https://mideastunes.com/
Metro Al Madina(Beirut): https://www.youtube.com/user/MetroMadina, http://metromadina.com/
Mostakell label: https://mostakell.com/
Mahdyar label: http://mahdyar.com/
Muqata’a label: http://muqataa.com/