Researching mouth organ(aerophones)

In this page, I am just pasting photos and videos of traditional mouth organs(aerophones) from various places.
Thanks to : Wei-Yun Wang(王維勻), Redy Eko Prastyo, Tri Andi Yuniarso, Ignatius Selvasius, Ms. Judeth John Baptist(Sabah museum), Dr. Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan(Universiti Malaysia Sabah), Anant Narkkong, Andy Hsiu, Christopher Adler, Randy Raine-Reusch, Vincent Tan Eng Kiat.

Last updated on 02-Mar, 2017

Sompoton from Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

Chinese sheng, Taiwan

played by Wei-Yun Wang(王維勻)

This sheng player performs music from Super Mario Bros : D

from Vietnam

from Thailand

from Laos

Keledi from Indonesia

Sho from Japan, originally Heian period(794 to 1118)

collaboration with local musician at Ponorogo, Java, Indonesia

collaboration with local goats at Banyuwangi, Java, Indonesia


I am not sure where this comes from.