Junichi on Impose Magazine

Big thanks to John Yingling for writing about Indonesia indi… Read more »

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Show SEKI, Junichi USUI, Tomohiro KANBE, Ippei KATOU / Guitar session

Gig/Show SEKI, Junichi USUI, Tomohiro KANBE, Ippei KATOU / Guitar session

Junichi will hold a guitar sesson with three Japanese guitar… Read more »

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Junichi USUI in Seoul, Korea, 2015

Gigs/Seoul, Korea from 26-Nov to 08-Dec

29 Nov, Bulgasari session at Yogiga expression gallery, Seou… Read more »

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Lacking Sound Festival Listen 99 2015, September, 19 (Sat.) @moon romantic studio

Video/Olifa Hsieh Junichi USUI Duo at Lacking Sound Festival, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015

  • 17-11 2015
  • Category:

The video of Olifa Hsieh(Taiwan) and Junichi USUI duo is now… Read more »

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Iva Bittova facebook page

Short column/ Iva Bittova’s social media

Just found Iva Bittova’s social media as below. Iva fa… Read more »

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11/19 木曜 巣鴨獅子王でソロ演奏

Gig/Solo act at Sugamo, Tokyo from 7pm on 19-Nov, Thu.

Junichi will have solo performane on Thu, next week as below… Read more »

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Kombo session vol.8 at Wangi Artroom, Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Aug 18, 2015

Audio/Junichi Usui solo – Live at Kombo session in Yogyakarta, 2015

  • 11-11 2015
  • Category:

Audio recording of Junichi’s solo performance at Yogya… Read more »

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Galo Duran Japan tour 2015

Audio/Galo Durán(Mexico)’s first session in Tokyo, Oct 2015

  • 03-11 2015
  • Category:

Check Galo Duran(Mexico)’s first session with musician… Read more »

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hypnagogic remix teaser

Audio/Joined compilation “HYPNAGOGIC REMIX” from Indonesia, download free

  • 29-10 2015
  • Category:

Junichi turns electro? The remix project album for Bottlesmo… Read more »

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Satya Prapanca and Junichi USUI's 100% pure world music

Audio/Joined compilation “IFAR NOISE COMP6″ from UK, download free

  • 23-10 2015
  • Category:

Nu track! Satya Prapanca and Junichi USUI’s 100% pure … Read more »

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