Junichi’s random pick-up from online free music, vol.01

These weeks, I have listened to online music files instead of CDs I have, because I have found many possibilities of music from around the world, so here, let me try to refer my favorite music works on the internet I found.
Please allow me for that I just put minimum information here about musicians because it takes huge times to gather correct information as I did on Italian indie music and arts and Taiwan indie arts and music, and we can find much better information from each musicians’ website and social media DIRECTLY. Enjoy all embedded music files!
Published on: 27-June, 2016

Sigmun from Bandung, Indonesia

Sigmun is a stoner rock band headed by Haikal Azizi from Bandung, Indonesia. You can hear their entire album and another works on their bandcamp at https://sigmunmusic.bandcamp.com/.
Haikal also have his solo project called Bin Idris at https://soundcloud.com/bin-idris.

Ni from Lyon, France

Ni is a crazy quartet from France since 2009. If you are fan of Mike Patton’s Fantomas, Om, Ruins, John Zorn’s moonchild projects and Eye Yamatsuka’s Boredoms, you will definitely love them.

PoiL from Lion, France

Brossaklitt by PoiL is an another awesome work from a Lyon baased label called Dur et doux for the fan of Tool, King Crimson, Meshuggah, Fantomas, Sleep.

uKanDanZ from Ethiopia and France

uKanDanZ features the Ethiopian vocalist, Asnake Guebreyes with French musicians for fans of System of a down, Mr. Bungle, Secret Chief 3.

Fofoulah released by Glitterbeat Records from Beverungen, Germany

Fofoulah is a London based band which features strong influence from West African music. Funk rock? Happy trance? Avant funk? It is hard to describe their music, but is WORTH to hear it.

Imanin bas zihoun by Tamikrest

Glitterbeat Records from Germany

Glitterbeat Records is one of a interesting online label which features both African traditional music and its extended style.

Here you can hear field recording audios at Mali, Africa.

More details about Glitterbeat Records at the following links.


Jazzwerkstatt Bern from Bern, Switzerland

Jazzwerkstatt seems a running music collective event since 2008, sorry for I don’t know their detail! The music provided by them is very conceptual, experimental but enjoyable and listenable too.

Positivili by Oy

Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang from Chicago, United States

Hear it if you are a lover of free music, improvisation and free jazz. Here you can hear the great performance dedicated for ED BLACKWELL, a legendary drummer well known by works with Ornette Coleman, by two amazing drummers.

Bill Laswell and Milford Graves at The Stone from New York, United States

Wanna hear more free improv? Ok, listen to this work by two great musicians.

Mombu from Roma, Italy

Mombu is a Roma based band by saxophone and drums, trying blast core, avant garde with well-designed compositions.

CS Industrial 1982-2010 from Czech and Slovakia

This channel features huge historical collections of industrial music from Czech and Slovakia from 1982 to 2010.


Art Of Burning Water from United Kingdom

Art Of Burning Water is a UK based blast rock band. Here if you like Slayer, Brutal Truth and

Not only this band’s work, Bigoût Records has released great lineup of progressive noizy blast loud music, so there is no reason to skip this label.


Kalam El Leil from Lebanon

I found this female musician at the soundcloud channel called Lebanese Underground

Lebanese Alternative Music

For me, though it is a just online check, Lebanon music scene seems very interesting, hear this great playlist titled Lebanese Alternative Music.

Chyno from Beirut, Lebanon

Chyno – O.P.P. (Directed by Pedros Temizian) from pedrostemizian on Vimeo.

I also know this great hip hop artist from Beirut, Lebanon.

Kayaan from Rarmallah, Palestine

Kayaan is a hiphop group from Rarmallah, Palestine. Are you expecting scary, horrible rrröööaaarrr sound? No, No, this unit features very urbane arranged sound from an independent Arabic music label called Mostakell.

Mostakell, a record label from Cairo, Egypt

Mostakell is an independent Arabic music label from Cairo, Egypt which features many modern approach to music and arts.

Made in Palestine – Various Artists

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh from Ramallah, Palestine

Tamer Abu Ghazaleh is an oud player and singer from Ramallah, Palestine. For the fans of Meshuggah, System of a down, Tool, King Crimson.

Chepang from Nepal

Chepang is a grind core band from Nepal. For Nepal, I found an another compilation album titled “Nepali Ho​:​Contemporary and Traditional music of Nepal”.


Flattbush from California, United States

Flattbush is a grind hardcore band from Bellflower, California which has two Filipino Americans members, and new album will be released from Koolarrow Records producedy by Bill Gould, a bassist of Faith No More.

Qasima from Indonesia

Qasima is a female musicians’ dangdut band from Indonesia. As a famous music critic, Mr. Akbar Adi Wibowo from Yogyakarta told, this is a one a best band of N.W.O.T.D.M(New Wave of the Dangdut Music), yeahhh!

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