Percussion music from South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Summary: I have found percussion music from South Sulawesi, Indonesia is quite fabulous, which reminds me death/thrash metal and loud rock, so here I introduce some videos of them, these percussions are called “Gandrang” or “Gendang Makassar”.
Published on : 22 May, 2016
Thanks to Palmer Keen from Aural Archipelago, Putut Prabu and Satya Prapanca.
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SERANG DAKKO • collection petites planètes

Gendang Makassar (Rinci) oleh Maestro Gendang Dunia

Total Perkusi “Tradisional Makassar Drumming

Ensambel Musik Gendang Makassar

PAGANDRANG; Musik Tradisional Makassar – Sulawesi Selatan

Sulawesi – Wikipedia
Indonesia Sulawesi

Tari Pakarena Makassar – Pakarena Dance of Makassar

If you want to know more about traditional music from around Indonesia, not only Bali and Java, this website is quite awesome, which you can find so many audio recordings, videos and stories behind those arts.

Field recordings from around Indonesia

Aural Archipelago, field recordings from around Indonesia

この記事の日本語版もありまして でございます。見てね

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