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It was April 2015 when I visited Italy. Compared with other Euro countries, I feel Italian indie musicians are underrated, so here are some notes about them with embedded audio and video files.
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12 May, 2016 for the first version.
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Music labels, stores in Italy

Indie music label run by Luca Vinciguerra, but ended in 2016;
mainly focuses at with with experimental approaches like harsh noise, drone, sound collage.

Soundohm Milano
Address: the ground floor in via Pastrengo 12, 20159 Milano
Soundohm is a music store in Milano with a very unique collcetion for underground music; also runs net radio at and soundcloud as below.

SONIC BELLIGERANZA is an indie music label run by DJ Balli, MC PavaRotten, a Bologna based musician, organizer.

Not only domestic musicians, SPETTRO RECORDS covers underground music around the world including noize, drone, ambient, rock, punk, hiphop, which is run by Nichola Boari, Bologna since 2010.

Indie music label run by Michele Ludwig Neumann(aka NEUROPA) and Bob Lone(from The Oopart) since 2015. You can download mp3 files at their website as

blackrosethemiss, youtube channel
A youtube channel called blackrosethemiss has a large collection of music performance videos in Italy.

Bands, musicians, artists from Italy

Annalisa Pascai Saiu Torino, Sardegna

Annalisa Pascai is a Torino based singer, improviser, who has often joined Michele’s "NOISE Delivery" series.

Michele Aneli Torino

Michele Aneli is a bass player and improviser who has a background in jazz (* see cover of Ornette Coleman’s Lonely woman with Annalisa Pascal).

These years, Michele has organized event series for improvised music titled "NOISE Delivery" more than 60 times, not only in Italy but also in other Euro countries.

NOISE DELIVERY FESTIVAL | Noise, Free, Impro and more!
At this website, you can find huge audio and video files of underground musicians who appeared at this event series.

Soviet Love, by Michele Aneli and Annalisa Pascai Saiu

Improvisation duo by Michele Aneli and Annalisa Pascai Saiu

Nervidi, Michele Aneli with Dominik Gawara on bass, Stefano Giust on drums

Duo with Utku Tavil on drums

Michele Anelli’s soundcloud

Dominik Gawara Torino
Dominik Gawara is an another bass player and improviser from Torino who has often joined Michele’s Noise Delivery.


FFATSO with Stefano Ferrian, Stefano Colli

Solo works

Salvatore Dante Torino

Salvatore Dante is a didgeridoo player and improviser from Torino.

Roberto Puma Torino
Roberto Puma is a contemporary painter from Torino.


Stefano Giust
Stefano Giust is a drummer and improviser from northeast Italy.

Monkeeastronaut Bologna
Monkeeastronaut is a solo project by Riccardo Occhionero from Bologna, which makes drone, dark ambient sound by electric guitar with effect pedals.

Oopart Bologna
Punk surf progressive rock band which is headed by Bob Lone, a Bologna based guitarist.

Oopart’s video

Oopart’s audio

Lia Fail Bologna
Lia Fail is a neofolk ensemble from Bologna. Somehow I remind Faith No More’s "Sol invictus" when I hear their music.

DJ Balli aka Placido MC Domingore, MC PavaRotten Bologna

One of craziest musicians in Italy from Bologna. He is a solo performer and session musician who runs many projects including a CD store, the label called SONIC BELLIGERANZA(see above), and a band called Rancid Opera.

In SkateBored We Noize! project by DJ Balli

A collaboration of skateboard and noize music performance.

DJ BAlli’s audio works

Rancid Opera Bologna

DJ Balli’s hardcore hiphop unit with very strong live performances.

Salomè Lego Playeset Bologna
Salomè Lego Playeset was a Bologna based band which had graet variety of experimetanl approaches to music.

Stufa Bologna
Stufa is a Bologna based noize, experimental unit.

Slp Bologna
Slp is a solo project by Nicola Boari who is also a owner of Spettro Records.

Derek Dick Decio
Derek Dick Decio is a hiphop artist from Bologna.

Dried by the sun
Dried by the sun is a garage, grunge rock band. This playset is named after King Crimson’s "Three of a perfect pair".

Michele Moschetta Bologna
Michele Moschetta is a musician, a producer, a soundtrack composer from Bologna, also a guitarist and vocalist of the previous band, Dried by the sun.

Remo De Vico
Remo De Vico is a composer and sound designer.

Francesco Calandrino

Maurizio Bianchi
Maurizio Bianchi is a pioneer of Italian industrial music since 1970′s.

Ruicosta Roma
Ruicosta is a post-rock, jazz-core, progressive rock band from Roma.

Alessandra Celletti Roma
Alessandra Celletti is a pianist, singer, composer from Roma. She has released more than ten albums.

Alessandra Celletti plays Erik Satie

Nightflight by Alessandra Celletti

Mombu Roma

Mombu is a very unique and impressive band from Roma. Through a duo of saxophone and drums, Mombu is trying blast core, extended composition with avant-garde approach.

Holiday Inn Roma

A very great digital garage rock band from Roma.

Lexicon Devils Roma
Simple and fast punk rock band influenced by 80′s punk movement, from Roma.

Lemurian Roma
Lemurian is a sextet band from Roma, with two basses, two guitars, drums and percussion.

Kaspar NonNewton Napoli
Kaspar NonNewton is a Nopoli based musician and improviser who plays bass. Recently he also started making electornic music(right one).

William Burroughs, Avant rock band by Kaspar NonNewton

Antonio Mastrogiacomo Napoli
Antonio Mastrogiacomo is a Napoli based musician, sound artist.

Gianni Gebbia Palermo, Sicily
Gianni Gebbia is a saxophone player from Palermo, Sicily, who has collaborated with improvisers around the world such as Evan Parker, Fred Frith, Lars Hollmer, Heiner Goebbels, David Moss, Peter Kowald, Carl Stone and others. Gianni got 1st place 1990 Top Jazz poll on Musica Jazz magazine.

Dario Fariello Napoli, Oslo
Dario Fariello is a saxophone player and improviser from Napoli, now living in Oslo, Norway.

Duo with Eren İleri

Giovanni Verga Sicilly, Berlin
Giovanni Verga is a an electronic musician and improviser from Sicilly, now he is based in Berlin, Germany.

Carlo Barbagallo Sicilly, Torino
Carlo Barbagallo is a singer, composer, sound engineer, producer. He is also an owner of indie label called DIY Noja Recordings.

Art and music places in Italy

Cafè Des Arts Torino

A bar that has a peroformance space in Torino.

4/quarti Social Art Bar Bologna”
A bar which has a small peroformance space in Bologna. Also here, DJ Balli runs his small CD store.

Take five Bologna
This venue runs weekly openmic event, would be nice if you are looking for music event to join.

Circolo Iqbal Masih Bologna Bologna

Area Sismica Forlì
Locates in Forlì where Satoko Fujii(Japan), The Observatory(Sigapore) also performed.

FanFulla Roma
One of best venue from Italy with good programs for art and music.

DalVerme Circolo Roma

B-movie from Italy

For me, everything on these films is absolutely fantastic. Music, story, actors, actoress, so nice that you must not miss these fabulous works.




Diabolikal Super-Kriminal teaser

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