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  • 日にち: 2015年01月22日(木曜)
  • 開場: 開演:
  • チャージ:


  • 住所:ニューヨーク州
  • 電話番号:
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Jan 28th 2015, 2300pm-
with KenYa Kawaguchi(Shakuhachi-Japanese bamboo flute)
Art Cafe, 884-886 Pacific st., Brooklyn,
Jan 27th 2015, 1530pm – 2200pm
Lucas Collins improv session *YOU CAN JOIN
at “Douglass Street Music Collective” / 295 Douglass St in Brooklyn
*Any artists(poetory, dancers, film makers), players(band, rap, traditional music, DJ, electro guys), welocome
*Anyone can show up at anytime, no rsvp necessary
*Just an audience is also appreciated, in the case if you’re not an artist
Jan 26th 2015, 2130pm -
Lucas Collins monday session
Juncihi USUI solo, Yva Las Vegas(ex Sweet75) solo, other guys solo and more
at “Tiny Montgomery” venue INSIDE of Threes Brewing / 333 Douglass St in Brooklyn
Jan 25th 2015, 2000pm -
Junichi USUI solo at Share open mic
at The (OA) Can Factory / 232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn
Jan 25th 2015, 1300pm-1500pm
with KenYa Kawaguchi(Shakuhachi-Japanese bamboo flute)
Awaken Fair at Hotel Pennsylvania, 401 7th ave., New York., with the OME.
Jan 24th 2015, 1700pm-1900pm
with KenYa Kawaguchi(Shakuhachi-Japanese bamboo flute)
“the Three Jewels”, 61 4th Ave. #3, New York